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Straight Outta The Federation: A Blake's 7 Podcast

Feb 14, 2024


Straight Outta the Federation invites Shag from the Fire and Water Podcast to discuss Rumours of Death, written by Chris Boucher and directed by Fiona Cumming.  Avon seeks street justice, Servalan may be facing her final days of the presidency and Anna Grant, Lover or Foe?  Let us know your thoughts about this at

Jan 26, 2024


Roger Parkes writes a cracking episode where Jacqueline Pearce delivers another great villanious performance, with a treacherous plot that A.J. would dare say is Servalan's most ruthless plot yet. The Blake's 7 gang displays a clumsy competence while Callie gets a little bit more to do story wise.  Let us know your...

Dec 4, 2023


Straight Outta the Federation is back to talk about the Chris Boucher written episode, City at the Edge of the World, where Villa, played by Michael Keating, is highlighted with a slick, delightful performance.  Listen to Allen's spotlight segment on Micheal Keating, where he chronicles the career and life thus far of...

Nov 2, 2023


Straight Outta the Federation with guest host, Irredeemable Shag, talk about Ben Steed's The Harvest of Kairos, where the legendary Liberator crew faces of against the Federation, the 70's take on future, space Masculinity and the power of ROCK with no roll.  Let us know what you thought about the discussion.  Where...

Sep 22, 2023


Straight Outta the Federation discuss Dawn of the Gods by James Follett.  In this story the Blakes' 7 crew is sidetracked by a black hole.  Are they in another dimension, galaxy or BBC Studio?  Join our discussion by writing to us at, Twitter @SoFederation,

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