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Straight Outta The Federation: A Blake's 7 Podcast

Dec 4, 2023


Straight Outta the Federation is back to talk about the Chris Boucher written episode, City at the Edge of the World, where Villa, played by Michael Keating, is highlighted with a slick, delightful performance.  Listen to Allen's spotlight segment on Micheal Keating, where he chronicles the career and life thus far of...

Nov 2, 2023


Straight Outta the Federation with guest host, Irredeemable Shag, talk about Ben Steed's The Harvest of Kairos, where the legendary Liberator crew faces of against the Federation, the 70's take on future, space Masculinity and the power of ROCK with no roll.  Let us know what you thought about the discussion.  Where...

Sep 22, 2023


Straight Outta the Federation discuss Dawn of the Gods by James Follett.  In this story the Blakes' 7 crew is sidetracked by a black hole.  Are they in another dimension, galaxy or BBC Studio?  Join our discussion by writing to us at, Twitter @SoFederation,

Threads or...

Aug 13, 2023



Straight Outta the Federation talks about the Liberator crew and Servalan, racing to the planet Obsidian for a homebase and rumors of Blake Rojj residing on the planet.  On this episode we are joined by Reading_Hix, Paul Hix of the Waiting for Doom and DCOCD Podcast.  


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Jul 12, 2023


Listen to Straight Outta the Federation disucss Power Play by Terry Nation, where the band is starting to come back together as they avoid hostile takeovers, body harvesting factories and so much more.  Let's reunite with some old faces while learning new ones.  

From the the Irredimible...